Lisgo Blog Speaker 2.2.0 is available now

Hello, this update improves the performance of Lisgo a lot.

Download Lisgo 2.2.0 at the app store.

1. Article parser has been improved

Previously, Lisgo used only one article parser, so sometimes it couldn’t load contents of some pages.

But, in this version, Lisgo tries up to three article parsers one by one in the back ground.
So, it can load contents from most of the web pages more than ever.

2. Loading performance enhancement

I guess you always hate to see loading indicators as I do when Lisgo loads pages.

In this version, I tweaked a lot for users not to wait for loading as much as possible.

For example, the last reading list will be saved after you kill the app, so you don’t need to
wait for the initial loading finishes the next time you open the app. (This is just one of many tweaks.)

3. Draggable webview

Now, you can drag the webview when you swipe left or right on text view.
It feels great to have more flexibility on that.

Other than that, minor bugs have been fixed as well.

*This version requires iOS5 or higher.

As always, feel free to contact me via @LisgoApp or when you have any questions
or suggestions.

I’d really appreciate it if you could review Lisgo on the app store as well.


iPad Today show talked about Lisgo

Hello, it’s been a while since I updated this blog last time.

I’ve been working hard to improve Lisgo, and it’s getting better and better without losing the simplicity. Sorry, I couldn’t take a time to write an article recently.

But, I couldn’t help writing a new post today, since Lisgo was picked up at a net cast program called iPad Today.

They are talking about Lisgo at around 52min.

When I was watching this movie, I thought like “OMG, I wish I could explain the awesome swiping features and double-tap gesture to start speaking!”.

But, if some features are not obivous enough to use, that might be my fault. Anyway, it’s really nice to have feedbacks from new users thanks to their show.

New UI of Lisgo

Lisgo is getting better and better, as the latest version has been released on app store recently.

The recent update focused on the offline performance and speed, I’ve been polishing the UI of Lisgo for better user experience as well.

This is the sneak preview for the new UI. The tab bars have been removed, and It will be much cleaner and easy to use without losing the goodness of
the Playlist feature.

*Swiping an article cell to the left moves it to the top of the list.
*Tapping the title bar “Articles” scrolls the list to the top.
*You can reorder each articles easily.

Lisgo 2.0 is out!

Hello, Lisgo 2.0.0 has been released today.

The biggest change in this version is “Last Read” button. Lisgo remembers the last read and played locations now. There are lots of improvements on this version.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions at, @LisgoApp on twitter, or livechat on this page.

Thank you.

New Feature
*Remembers the last read locations.

*Full screen mode changes based on the direction of scrolling.
*Scroll bar flashes while speaking so the user can tell the current location of the article roughly.
*Scroll bar color changes when the night mode is on.

*Fixed the issue that loading articles takes too long and causes crush problems.
*Fixed the issue that archiving after playlist finished causes a crush.
*Fixed the issue that playback stops in the background.
*Other minor issues have been fixed as well.

Improvements from 1.9.3 to 1.9.5

This is the recent improvements for Lisgo.
The most recent one is only available for beta users.
I hope I can release it on app store very soon.


*Auto-scroll is based on the center of the text.
*Speech doesn’t stop when opening the share menu.

*Play icon indicator is shown when touching the screen to play.
*Speech text function works efficiently. (I hope it won’t get stuck anymore)
*Disable auto-scroll after scrollView ens decelerating for 3 seconds.


*Disable auto-scroll while dragging.
*Pinch gesture for disabling full screen.
*Zoom in gesture for showing font bar.

*Retry loading articles after time out.


*Back to the beginning of the article when users tap the back button if more than 100 words are spoken already.
*Font edit bar can be disabled by doing double-tap twice.

*Fixed the issue that play icon doesn’t disappear.

About the next update on Lisgo

Lisgo 1.9.2 got rejected again because of a weird reason. Apple says it is a trial version so they can’t approve it for app store.

It doesn’t make sense because it’s completely full version.
This is the third time since it got rejected on December last year.

I didn’t bother to ask the reason and re-submitted the most recent version with a little change before, becasue it takes a week to get a reply from them sometimes.

But, it got rejected three times in a row for the very same reason. This time, I asked to a reviewer why it got rejected when it’s not a trial verseion so I hope I can have a good clue to fix the problem.

The current version on app store is 1.8.5, but the lastest version for beta users is already 1.9.5 and Lisgo got improved a lot during this weird rejections.

I hope I can release the latest version soon, and I’m sure it’s a huge update for Lisgo users.

Lisgo 1.9.2 Preview

This is the upcoming Lisgo’s preview movie. Auto-Scroll is ready and you can change font size and font type as well.

You can get back to reading from listening much easier because you can tell the position where each words being spoken thanks to auto-scroll.

What I am trying to accomplish on Lisgo is to connect reading and listeing experiences. I want to read articles when I can read, and I want to listen to them when I can’t read.

The auto-scroll feature is the huge step to fulfill this goal for sure. I will submit it on app store today, and I hope it will be available soon.

Lisgo 1.8.9 preview movie

Hi, I updated the upcoming, latest version of Lisgo 1.8.9 movie on youtube.

The current version is 1.8.5. I hope apple will approve the latest version soon.

It’s been a while since I posted the last article, but I had been updating Lisgo every day, so it’s improving day by day. Offline mode and full screen mode on the latest version are really handy, also lots of minor bugs are fixed.

Plus, you can archive the article from the text screen with triple taps now. In the upcoming release, there is an action button which lets you share articles on Twitter, Email, and open them on Safari.

Speaking of a free version, I am sorry to say that it might take more time since apple changed the rule of in-app-purchase recently, and I have to wait for store kit frame work to be ready for the change.

As always, I’d like to hear your voice on Lisgo, so feel free to send an email at anytime. I also made an phone number for Lisgo, so call me at (+81) 050-3632-9105 if you want to call. I live in Japan, so you might want to use Skype credit to call at reasonable fees.

I try to get your call as much as I can, but if I’m not available, please leave your message or send an email.