About the next update on Lisgo

Lisgo 1.9.2 got rejected again because of a weird reason. Apple says it is a trial version so they can’t approve it for app store.

It doesn’t make sense because it’s completely full version.
This is the third time since it got rejected on December last year.

I didn’t bother to ask the reason and re-submitted the most recent version with a little change before, becasue it takes a week to get a reply from them sometimes.

But, it got rejected three times in a row for the very same reason. This time, I asked to a reviewer why it got rejected when it’s not a trial verseion so I hope I can have a good clue to fix the problem.

The current version on app store is 1.8.5, but the lastest version for beta users is already 1.9.5 and Lisgo got improved a lot during this weird rejections.

I hope I can release the latest version soon, and I’m sure it’s a huge update for Lisgo users.