iPad Today show talked about Lisgo

Hello, it’s been a while since I updated this blog last time.

I’ve been working hard to improve Lisgo, and it’s getting better and better without losing the simplicity. Sorry, I couldn’t take a time to write an article recently.

But, I couldn’t help writing a new post today, since Lisgo was picked up at a net cast program called iPad Today.

They are talking about Lisgo at around 52min.

When I was watching this movie, I thought like “OMG, I wish I could explain the awesome swiping features and double-tap gesture to start speaking!”.

But, if some features are not obivous enough to use, that might be my fault. Anyway, it’s really nice to have feedbacks from new users thanks to their show.

  • Gnadigefrau

    Sometimes when I’m driving and listening to Lisgo on my iPod touch (obv not connected to wifi) the program seems to seek an internet connection, fails, and then all the content disappears. Am I doing something wrong?

    Still loving the program. I’m using to edit my writing–listening to what I’ve written means I pick up typos or awkward language that I miss when looking at the words. It’s totally changed the way I write.

  • http://www.lisgo.org/ Non Umemoto

    Hi, I submitted the new version on the app store recently, I guess it will fix that kind of issues. I hope apple will approve it soon.

    But if the next version didn’t solve the issue, please email me at mail@lisgo.org.

    Also, thank you for telling me the way to use Lisgo, I didn’t imagine people would use it for that kind of purpose. That’s very interesting.